Oy! It's Good: CD
  • Oy! It's Good: CD
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"Oy! It's Good" features vocalist and native Yiddish speaker Betty Silberman on this album of Yiddish chestnuts, new songs and instrumentals. From the nostalgia of Oyfn Pripatchek, the jazz-tinged Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn (with the often neglected intro), to the more obscure Harshl, a song about organized crime in Warsaw, complete with a killing shout chorus, and the high energy opener, Lomir Zikh Iberbeytn, with new lyrics by Betty Silberman which take the songs intimate lyrics to a more universal call for peace. The instrumentals punctuate and contrast with the vocals, traditional tunes played to their rollicking max in Shirim tradition, and some poignant originals by Glenn Dickson.

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