Shirim has won awards and grants!

Parent's Choice Gold Award (for Pincus & the Pig)
Notable Children's Recording (from the ALA for Pincus & the Pig)
Gracie Award for radio broadcast (with Ellen Kushner for "The Golden Dreydl")
Travel grants from Arts International (for European tours)


Klezmer Nutcracker (
Pincus & the Pig (Parents Choice Award)

Memorable Quotes

"You have to hear Shirim’s delightful interpretation to know what a brilliant combination klezmer and Tchaikovsky make."
-National Public Radio (Performance Today)

Shirim’s "Klezmer Nutcracker" sounds utterly natural and totally compelling. Klezmer devotees will rejoice at the fresh stock of great tunes, and classical fans so far immune to the Russian composer’s populist favorite should find themselves swooning…Shirim’s genre-crossing conception is a delight and its playing a joy.
–Billboard Magazine (Critics Choice)

You don’t have to speak Yiddish to dig this music. They are exotic a little and hot a lot. Superior musicians!
-Woods Hole Folk Music Society.

Their concert at the Museum of Natural History’s Baird Auditorium (Washington, DC) was fantastic…Glenn Dickson's clarinet runs are as dazzling as those of any flashy rock guitarist and the band’s unusual rhythm section of drums, piano, tuba, and percussion stomp along in fine style.
–Dirty Linen Magazine