...of Angels and Horseradish: CD
  • ...of Angels and Horseradish: CD
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Shirim's first CD, as with most of their work, looked to the past and the future. With the duel vocal punch of Rosalie Gerut and Betty Silberman, They cover clasics with scintillating Barry Sisters style close harmonies on Oy Mame Bin Ikh Farlibt, And the Angels Sing, and the novel Coney Island. Rosalie's contributes stunning originals: Sahrah's Lullaby and Hagar's Lament (from the Joseph Papp production of "Songs of Paradise") and Shabbat Shalom Tsuzamen. The instrumantals are dominated by Glenn Dickson compositions including the premiere recording of "The Black Wedding," based on an I.B.Singer song, which has been covered by bands in Europe & the U.S An auspicious debut for the band!

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