Naftule's Dream: CD
  • Naftule's Dream: CD
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Shirim's "Naftule's Dream" recording was both ahead of its time and nostalgic. Looking back with high energy renditions of Lebedeff's "What Can You Makh?," and Taras' " Nokh a Gleyzl Vayn," the band looks forward with highly creative arrangements and originals. The epic jazz-rock leanings of "Az me fort kay Sevastopol (On the way to Sevastopol)," the klezmer tone poem "Naftule's Dream" and the dreamy arrangement of ""Oy, dortn, dortn, ibern vaserl (Oy There, Overt the Water)" pointed to new directions, towards less sentimental and more expansive klezmer music. The album name served as the name of a new band the members created to expand those ideas and artistic urges, and the band, Naftules Dream, became a fixture on the radical Jewish music circuit. (See the Naftule's Dream band recordings below).

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